E Connect

  • With the current pandemic situation, we are forced to see the inefficiency of our
    education system to cater through online mediums.
  • We believe that in the 21st century, education can be best delivered in a blended mode,
    .i.e., efficient combination of online and offline resources.
  • Various surveys and studies confirm this very fact and further strengthens our motivation to work in the direction of
    digitizing the current curriculum.
  • Unlike our competitors, we believe in curating free courses through open source
    platforms in a structured manner.
  • We have experienced members from various IITs,
    renowned educational consultants which help us in curating these courses. All we aim is
    to provide quality content to all students at zero cost.
  • Therefore, our vision is to connect the current educational approach digitally across the
    nation and provide students content without any hassles.